What is fatigue?

Fatigue is defined as an overwhelming sense of tiredness, lack of energy, and feeling of exhaustion. It can be a normal bodily response after long periods of mental or physical activity, or it can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

There are two main types of fatigue:

Brief fatigue is normal and often easy to relieve with rest. Long-term, persistent fatigue, however, can negatively impact quality of life. If ignored, fatigue can lead to burnout, depression, lack of motivation, and impaired cognition. Monitoring your fatigue levels and addressing the root causes early is crucial.

What causes fatigue? There are many potential causes, including:

Managing fatigue appropriately can greatly restore energy, productivity, and wellbeing. If fatigue persists longer than 2 weeks and lifestyle changes don’t help, check in with your doctor to identify any underlying causes. Bloodwork, sleep studies, neurological tests, and more may be used to diagnose hard-to-pinpoint fatigue.

At Hormone Harmony Clinic, we specialize in customized hormone balancing programs to help both men and women find the root causes of stubborn fatigue. Hormonal imbalances often contribute to low energy, brain fog, impaired sleep, low stamina, and more. Our comprehensive lab testing identifies deficiencies and our expert physicians create personalized treatment plans to restore optimal hormone levels and relieve fatigue at its source.

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